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One Deal from a National Real Estate Firm – #TM019

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Host and mentor Ric Brutocao interviews Rand Sperry, CEO of Sperry Equities and Sperry Commercial in Irvine, California. The two long-time friends dig deep into Sperry’s fascinating career, starting with just one real estate deal at age 20 and along the way growing a national real estate investment firm. During the show, Sperry culls from his vast experience in just about every type of market possible over the years to reveal his insights into today’s real estate market, including his best suggestions for making money in real estate today. Just about everyone, at some point in their lives, will be involved in a real estate transaction—purchasing a home, a public REIT, commercial space for a company, private investment with an LLC such as Rand offers, or another opportunity. Rand’s perspective and insights will be terrifically helpful to anyone involved in any real estate deal, so tune in and feel free to send your questions on work or business to the show (use the contact page). Read press release here.

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