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Entrepreneur and professor Andreas Widmer on The Mentors Radio

Principled Entrepreneurship and Pivoting when you hit the wall

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This episode is Co-Hosted by Tom Loarie and Guest Host Lynne Fischer (an award-winning business woman who herself transitioned from ice cream, to wine, to biotech). They talk with Andreas Widmer, who transitioned from the familiarity of his native homeland to becoming a proud member of the elite Swiss Guard at age 20, to joining a few others on a pioneering software entrepreneur journey that ultimately sold for $600 million… and then crashed to zero, causing financial ruin. From enormous success to financial ruin, Widmer hit the wall. Hard. It was Devastating. Depressing. Mightily Discouraging. — but in that two-year nightmare roller coaster, Widmer discovered what has become his greatest strength. He went on to a few other entrepreneurial ventures and is now professor and Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at the University of America’s Busch School of Business and Economics. Find Show Notes here. Broadcast will be posted below after first airing. Don’t miss any of our episodes – Get our FREE PODCAST here.

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