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Ram Charan

Ram Charan discusses with host Tom Loarie the secret of Amazon success and how to implement it yourself

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In this episode, Ram Charan—the world’s premier business advisor to the top companies in the world— together with The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie dig into the secret of Amazon’s success. Charan exposes the behind-the-scenes management system that has catapulted to become a major disruptor in many industries around the world, amass a jaw-dropping number of customers and valuable datasets, become a source of constant innovation, and ultimately create a trillion-dollar, high-cash generating corporation in less than 25 years. They also discuss how the secret of Amazon’s success can be applied to any business. Find Show Notes here. Find The Mentors Radio FREE Podcast available on all podcast apps, such as Spotify, iTunes, Android, Stitcher, etc.—after the episode’s first airing Saturday morning. Sign up for FREE podcasts on any device here.

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