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Rich Karlgaard on Forbes and the Power of Late Bloomers


In this episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with Forbes Magazine publisher and columnist Rich Karlgaard on the power of “late bloomers” in a world obsessed with early achievement. Not only is this guest mentor an expert on the intersection of business and innovation, a best-selling author, and an economic and market forecaster, Karlgaard is himself a late bloomer! And he has plenty of wisdom and examples to share that blows to bits the current trends of pressuring children to overachieve and perceiving failure if not “a success” by age 30. Absolutely false! And you’ll learn why in this very special interview. Listen for FREE on any device, any time, here. Or, Listen below. Find Show Notes here.

2 thoughts on “Rich Karlgaard on Forbes and the Power of Late Bloomers

  1. Can someone please send me a link to this show? I can pull-up the biography of the speaker, but there is no link to the podcast available. Thank you for your assistance.

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