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SHOW NOTES: Guest Mike Noell with Host Tom Loarie

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If you know anything about Navy Seals, then you know that they focus on teamwork, action (getting the job done), and serving others first. Not only is the SEALS’ physical and mental training one of the most rigorous and challenging—if not the most challenging—in the world, but also the SEALS’ code of ethics is high and it includes not drawing attention to themselves. So, you won’t easily find a plethora of biographical information or press releases listing Mike Noell’s myriad of impressive achievements. After all, Mike Noell is a former U.S. Navy Seal. But from his interview with THE MENTORS RADIO host Tom Loarie, you’ll glean more about who he is as a man and business leader, how he leads, his ethics and purpose, and how he continues to achieve tremendous success in developing and manufacturing the highest quality tactical gear, and related businesses. After the SEALS, Mike went on to build and eventually sell Blackhawk. After, he launched Sentry Products Groups, again built a strong team, and continues to be one of the sharpest business leaders, by his example, his team and his ability to stick to ethical principles, focus and “get it done”… and to truly enjoy the journey, his team, clients, family and friends as well.

Mike Noell, Founder and Former CEO of BLACKHAWK! Forms SENTRY Products Group

Mike Noell, CEO of BlackHawk(R) Products Group(TM), Appointed to Board of Directors for Naval Special Warfare Foundation

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