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Today’s post-Covid Job Market with Talent Acquisition Expert Kristen Sousa: Who holds the cards? What new trends? What can I do?

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On today’s episode of THE MENTORS RADIO show, Host Tom Loarie talks with talent acquisition expert Kristen Sousa, the co-founder of Talent Squirrels, whose 20-year career includes key roles at Robert Half, Monster, and (the highest-traffic job website in the U.S.). Learn what’s hot, and what’s not in today’s career market. What trends—and what obstacles—are emerging after a year of remote work and shutdowns? Is the world of work still upside down or is it beginning to stabilize or grow?

Is it true that some companies desperate to find employees right now? Is this for a particular sector or across the board? Are new geographic hot spots emerging, such as Florida? What about those who have moved due to remote work but now are expected to return to the office? Is vaccination becoming a prerequisite for a job, even if it is not likely to hold up in court if challenged? What about employee mental health working still at home? Who holds the cards now? Are new industries emerging?… and so much more!

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