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George Randle on The Mentors Radio

George Randle, VP of Global Talent Acquisition and former U.S. Army Commander, Reveals how — and why — to hire the best talent, learning from U.S. Navy Seals

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Talent + Leadership = Victory. That’s as true on the battlefield as it is in business. In this episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with George Randle, a former U.S. Army Company Commander and Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Forcepoint, one of the nation’s premier cyber-security firms. Among many other exceptional talent acquisition and leadership feats, Randle recently teamed up with Mike Sarraile, a retired Navy Seal and CEO of a top executive search firm, to co-author one of the best guides to hiring ever written: “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent” (find a link to this book in our Show Notes). The benefits to your business or nonprofit team by hiring the best talent to suit your team’s needs exceed imagination. You’ll learn why. Randle talks about what he means by referring to “the war on talent.” You’ll also learn the Nine Core Character Attributes of a NAVY SEAL, and why these attributes provide a solid foundation for great organizations and great businesses, large or small. Find Show Notes here. After Saturday morning’s airing, listen to podcast below. Even Better, don’t miss an episode and sign up for the FREE podcast here — on any platform from Spotify and iTunes to Google Play and much more.

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