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US Olympiad and Coach Tom Dooley talks about self-discipline and growth

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In this episode, Tom Dooley—a U.S. Olympiad racewalker who participated in two especially historic Olympics—talks with host Ric Brutocao about the poer of self-discipline and internal growth in an endeavor, including business. Dooley went on to become a history teacher and a lifelong coach, including the founding national coach of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s athletic Team in Training program, a position in which he served for 25 years. As an Olympiad, Dooley earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic team in 1968 in Mexico City and again, in 1972, in Munich, Germany: Two especially historic Olympics, for two very different reasons. Racewalking is an endurance sport and Dooley shares a behind-the-glory insights on the self-discipline, humility, insights and lessons one gains from training for any athletic adventure—especially for elite-level endurance racing. He and Ric also talk about how these essential habits of an elite athlete can influence every aspect of one’s life, even one’s business and work. Tom Dooley is that rare blend of both great athlete and great teacher, as many of his students will attest. To this day, long after his Olympic experiences, Tom Dooley continues to compete in senior racewalking events around the world (with many wins along the way too!). Listen to podcast of the radio show after its broadcast Saturday. Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE Radio Podcast and never miss an episode — available on every podcast platform from Spotify, iTunes, Apple podcast and Google Play to Android, Tune-in and much more – subscribe here.

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