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Blair Sheppard on The Mentors Radiobn

What are your prospects of employability in the COVID environment?

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On today’s episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with Blair Sheppard, Global Leader for Strategy and Leadership for the PwC network and Dean Emeritus of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. They’ll discuss global trends, and the impact of these trends on employ-ability for four groups of people: 1) Those who are young and just getting started, 2) those in mid-career, 3) those close to retirement, and 4) those on the margins. Blair’s new book, “Ten Years to Midnight: Four Urgent Crises and Their Strategic Impact” was released early this month.   Find show notes here. We’ll post the radio podcast as soon as we can due to radio station technical difficulties today. Sign up here for FREE podcast and don’t miss an episode!!

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