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University of Notre Dame (UND) Jack Swarbrick on The Mentors Radio

322. UND Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick talks College Athletics, Mentoring, Leadership, Career and Character

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In today’s episode of The Mentors Radio Host Dan Hesse talks with Jack Swarbrick, Director of Athletics at the University of Notre Dame (UND), about his unlikely—and unexpected—transition from a 28-year career with the Indianapolis law firm Baker & Daniels (he was made partner in 1987), to become UND’s 12th Athletics Director in 2008. He’s now in his 15th year as the James E. Rohr Director of Athletics (AD) at Univ. of Notre Dame.

Because of his wide-ranging experience in the business of, and governance of, athletics through representing organizations such as the NCAA and the US Olympic committee as a successful lawyer before becoming an athletic director, Jack is particularly influential in matters impacting college athletics. His on-the-field performance is impressive. During his tenure as Athletic Director:

  • Nine Notre Dame teams have won NCAA national championships
  • 11 teams have been runners-up
  • Notre Dame men have won two Capital One Cups given annually to the NCAA’s best overall Division I mens athletic program

Born in Yonkers, NY, and raised in Yonkers and Bloomington, IN, Swarbrick is a 1976 magna cum laude graduate of Notre Dame, with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Upon graduating from Stanford University Law School in 1980, he accepted a position as an associate in the Indianapolis law firm Baker & Daniels. He and his wife, Kimberly, have four now-grown children and a growing number of grandchildren.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Swarbrick’s career took a surprising and successful turn; life-changing advice he’s taken to heart along the way; and the importance of good character, good leadership, loving what you do, and staying open to opportunities!

Jack and Dan discuss new initiatives in college athletics, how to mentor and develop character, and how to choose the right leader for any position—critical skills both in athletics and in business.

An outspoken critic of recent changes in college sports — including “Name, Image and Likeness” of student athletes, and the “Transfer Portal” — Jack discusses with Dan how these money-driven programs can reduce a University’s ability to genuinely mentor students and, most importantly, to develop character. They also discuss Jack’s call for the NFL and NBA to allow 18-year olds to pursue a professional path after high school, instead of attending college, in order to avoid collegiate athletics becoming little more than the minor leagues. You’ll also learn about Jack’s mentors and more!

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