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Tom Watson

345. How Mentors Developed Golf Master Tom Watson’s Skills, Character and Love of Golf, and How He’s Returning the Favor

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In this episode, The Mentors Radio host Dan Hesse talks with Tom Watson, a true legend of the game of golf. Watson won eight major championships including five British Opens, two wins at The Masters, and arguably the most dramatic U.S. Open victory in history. He also has 39 PGA Tour wins, 14 additional wins worldwide and 14 wins on The Champions Tour, six of them majors. A six-time PGA Tour Player-of-the-Year, Tom Watson was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1988. In this episode, Hesse and Watson discuss the role and critical importance of mentors in his life and career, and how he’s now paying it forward for future generations. The life lessons in this powerful interview are applicable in so many other areas of our life and definitely applicable to anyone’s career path.

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  • BIO: (includes short, terrific video at end)
  • DVDs/Streaming Videos:
      • (Tom Watson’s tremendous giving back and inspiration to future golfing generations from all walks of life)
      • (Bruce Edwards was Tom Watson’s long-time caddy and friend who contracted ALS in his 40’s—Lou Gehrig’s Disease, yet who continued to caddy for Tom until a few months before his death. More than an amazing friendship, their shared love and respect for the game of golf profoundly elevated respect for caddies and for the game itself. This inspiring, short article captures the impact: Bruce Edwards: Remembering the Best Caddy, by Tom Edrington)

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