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Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao and John Phillips original hosts on The Mentors Radio

A Rare Treat: All Three Original Hosts of The Mentors Radio share their first-hand learnings and their passion for helping others succeed

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In this episode, executive producer Karen Walker interviews the original three hosts of The Mentors Radio—Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao and John Phillips. Each is a highly sought-after, successful CEO of their own companies, in three very different industries. That said, they each share a passion and history of highest ethics throughout their careers and a passion for helping others succeed.

the mentors on the mentors radio show
The Mentors Radio original hosts: L to R, Ric Brutocao, John Phillips and Tom Loarie

Tom Loarie began work as a brick layer to earn money while in school but he is most known for a stellar career in the life sciences field, as a start-up CEO for a number of companies, some of whose medical devices have saved lives and reversed the course of serious disease. He is currently the start-up CEO of Silicon Valley-based Bryologyx, developing a new class of drugs to enhance the response rates and treatment durability of cancer immunotherapies.

Ric Brutocao hails primarily from the tech arena, ultimately launching and eventually selling his own company. He also has served as a remarkable CEO, President and Executive leader in a number of other companies including the international luxury appliance company DACOR, at least one winery, an Italy-based yacht company and too many others to list. The founder of DACOR once noted that “Ric is the best operational manager I’ve ever seen.” Ric currently serves as managing partner of Laguna Hills, CA-based Venture Financial Partners.

John Phillips, Jr. co-founded with his wife, Mary, what has become one of the largest stained glass companies in the world, Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® Stained Glass Studio. He grew up in the industry, often accompanying his father on stained glass sales or follow-up visits. Then he worked in the industry, learning all aspects of the craft and business. By the time he and his wife launched their own stained glass company, John was already a sought-after industry expert. But he added a fresh, new level of technology and automation that enabled them to deliver superior customer experience and a superior satisfaction guarantee. People noticed. The quality of their craftsmanship, the superb customer communications, employee training and efficient problem-solving quickly set their company apart from others. And, John remained a go-to friend, helper and advisor in the facility management, stained glass and related industries when peers sought help. His drive for excellence paid off. Within 15 short years of launching their business, one of the largest legacy stained glass firms in the country—over 100 years old—invited John to consider acquiring their company. The rest is history. Now John and Mary own and run Associated Crafts® & Willet Hauser® Stained Glass Studio.

In this episode of The Mentors Radio, you’ll get first-hand, real-world insights into how to run a successful business, regardless of industry or experience. It’s raw and real and a lot of fun to learn from these three Master Mentors!

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