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Lt. Col. Peter S. Smith, USAF-speaking

Become an Expert at Navigating Uncertainty and Disorientation in Times of Crisis: Survival Lessons from Crashed F-16 Fighter Pilot Lt. Col. Peter S. Smith, USAF

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Imagine experiencing spatial disorientation (you can’t tell up from down) in an F-16 Fighter Jet while locked into a Death Spiral at 6,000 feet, traveling at 1,000 ft per second… ejecting barely 0.8 SECONDS before it was too late… and surviving. Few live to tell the tale. Former combat fighter pilot, Lt. Col. Peter Smith USAF (ret.) joins The Mentors Radio Host Tom Loarie to reflect on the OODA Loop training which contributed to his survival. He also shares lessons he learned on what matters most in career and life.

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Lt. Col. Peter S. Smith, USAF-in cockpit-early_days-A-10? Warthog?

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