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Jim Loehr on The Mentors Radio show

The Power of Story: How to Change your Life for the Better, with renown performance psychologist Jim Loehr

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In today’s episode, The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie talks with world-renown performance psychologist Jim Loehr, PhD, about the power of story — the power of YOUR story. How to find it? Are you following your story or someone else’s

Jim has coached some of the most elite professionals in sports, athletics, business, military and nonprofits. These are professionals who are so well-trained and high-level that what will give them “an edge” and what will give them a sense of happiness or fulfillment has nothing to do with skill or technique. Instead, this is how to retrain your thinking to become your truest self, resulting in “a seismic shift,” as Jim describes it, in people’s lives–from frustration or unhappiness to vibrant happiness and feeling of fulfillment. His Institute of Performance, his books and success are world renown.

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