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Behind the Scenes: The “Business” of Show Business

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In this special episode, host Ric Brutocao talks with one of his sons, Andrew, who has spent most of his life working in film and broadcast media–from on-air hosting to editing and production; working for media entertainment giants; he’s even done stand-up!  And throughout the past 30 years and continuing, Andrew hasn’t stopped learning or loving it yet! You’ll learn the path his career has taken, what he’s learned, tips for success, how things happen behind the scenes, and why, when it all comes down to it, when we look past the bling and drama, after all, show business is a business—just like any other business.  Midway through the episode, tables are turned and Andrew shoots questions to his dad about ethical business success and more.  Listen below:

One thought on “Behind the Scenes: The “Business” of Show Business

  1. No greater mentor could there be than Ric Brutocao! Enjoyed the Podcast immensely!

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