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Howard Root CEO who battled the Feds for five years, on THE MENTORS RADIO SHOW

Interview with Howard Root: Five Heart-Stopping Years as a CEO on the Fed’s Hit-List


Join The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie when healthcare entrepreneur, CEO and “Cardiac Arrest” author Howard Root, gives us an insider’s view of today’s justice system, our lack of awareness of the unjust legal vulnerability we face, and what he had to endure when Department of Justice prosecutors abused their power and used the justice system to distort justice and abuse individual liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. This is a modern day David beats Goliath story, and it could affect you!  Find Show Notes here.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Howard Root: Five Heart-Stopping Years as a CEO on the Fed’s Hit-List

  1. Inspiring and yet discouraging that almost none of us have the resources to defend ourselves against self-serving despots and dictators. I agree with the juror who wanted to go after the prosecutors. The practice of “making an example” of anyone, be they innocent or guilty, encourages the kind of libelous and criminal behavior (threatening witnesses) that these prosecutors that engaged in, and should itself be illegal.

    • “strict liability crimes” is also ridiculous … completely unjust criminalization of business. The 3 “quick things that they can do” he mentions starting at 46 minutes need to be implemented. Shining the light on prosecutorial misconduct is one of the best things in the world that anyone can do.

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