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Burn Out and the Importance of Connection, with Katie and Michael Stallard

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Feeling exhausted, feeling negative or cynical about your job and career (not to mention COVID-19 shutdowns)? Working well below your potential? Host Tom Loarie talks with “Fired Up or Burned Out” author Michael Stallard and his wife, Katie, who share their practical insights, hard-earned, first-hand experience and life-improving solutions on burn out and the critical importance of connection.

Mike is a sought-after speaker and teacher, with a background in Financial Services as Chief Marketing Officer for the private wealth businesses of Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab. He is the co-founder of Connection Culture

Katie, Mike’s wife, is an investment professional for a large family entity, with a background in marketing, administration, business and non-profit leadership, and a passion for TV and film work. She is also a three-time cancer survivor!

If you’re looking for a way to increase your happiness and success in life and business, you’re sure to find some real gems of mentoring advice in this episode! Find Show Notes here. Listen to Radio podcast below. Sign up for FREE Podcast here, on ANY platform, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple podcast, Google Play etc etc etc!

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