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YOU CAN DO IT TOO: How one Family Business Survived Devastating Economic Times, through SIX generations – The Verdin Company

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Most family companies don’t last beyond three generations, instead they sell out or die off. So when a family-owned company endures through the Great Depression, Economic downturns, ups and downs, through six generations, it’s a rare and beautiful thing!  In today’s show, Host John Phillips talks with Guest Bob Verdin of The Verdin Company—an East Coast company that has been making and repairing bells and tower clocks for more than 175 years. You’ll learn Bob’s passion for the business after all these years, and his passion for his role in the company. He shares some of the “secret sauce” that will keep this business alive and thriving far into the future. Why nimble innovation and a strong team are important, always. You’ll also learn about some of their most unusual projects, including restoring a bell originally cast by Paul Revere!  Find Show Notes here, including fascinating short videos of the company at work. Listen to episode below (posted after Saturday’s first airing) and Sign up for our FREE podcast to listen ANYtime on ANY media platform and ANY device!!

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