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Selene Burke MD & Michelle Williams, RN, MSN-on THE MENTORS RADIO

Ethical Leadership of Prominent Healthcare Executives Selene Burke, M.D., and Michelle Williams, RN, MSN inspire others

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Are you too quick to make judgments about people? Then, I invite you to join Host Tom Loarie this weekend on the MENTORS RADIO SHOW. His guest mentors will be two prominent healthcare executives, Selene Burke, OD, and vice president of Clinical Affairs for Refocus Group, and Professor Michelle Williams, RN, MSN, who have cracked the code of success for women of color. Today they serve as an inspiration for thousands of women due to their consistent ethical leadership and dedication to serving others with excellence.

Dr. Selene Burke is a glaucoma-certified optometrist with extensive clinical experience in multi-specialty practices. With Refocus Group, she manages the organization, training and execution of all domestic and international clinical trials, working with other optometrists and ophthamologists worldwide. She received her OD from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN, her MS in Zoology from Auburn University, and her BS in Biology from Rust College.

Michelle Williams, RN, MSN is the MCH Director at Kaiser Foundation Medical Center in Los Angeles, and the Practice Leader for Nursing Innovation and Advanced Technology there, where she’s served—and excelled—for more than 30 years.


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