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Bill George, former CEO Medtronic, Harvard Business Professor, author of True North

299. Find Your True North, Fulfill Your Dreams, and Help Make the World a Better Place with Guest Mentor Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic

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In this episode of The Mentors Radio show, Host Tom Loarie talks with Guest Mentor Bill George, the remarkable former Chairman and CEO of Medtronic who not only transformed Medtronic from a medium-sized company into the global medical technology giant it is today, but who also stepped down as CEO after 10 years as he promised he would do. In case you don’t know, leaving the helm as promised much earlier, especially when influence, growth and profits are exploding, is RARE. It’s unheard of, then and now…And it is a mark of unwavering personal INTEGRITY and ETHICS. In other words, it is the mark of a TRUE LEADER.

Since stepping down as Chairman and CEO of Medtronic, Bill George has dedicated his time and focus to cultivating, training and building up future leaders who value others, and who will lead with integrity, a clear sense of purpose, and a strong desire to make the world better. Values, Humanity and Purpose. This is what it takes to be a True Leader. It’s been true throughout history, and it is especially true today.

Bill is currently a professor at Harvard Business School.. He is also a prolific author on books regarding Leadership, written to engage and mentor Emerging Leaders although his principles and mentorship will transform anyone striving to live their personal True North, as he puts it.

The learnings in this episode that can transform YOUR life, YOUR work, YOUR sense of value and purpose, YOUR self- and team-leadership, regardless of where you work, what job or charity you serve, whether or not you are an entrepreneur… It can change YOUR life for the good!

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