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Ford Exec Jeff Nemeth: Changing Company Culture in South Africa with a Picnic and Soccer

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As former CEO of the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, Jeff Nemeth took Ford South Africa from the lowest performing operation to the Top. It was no easy feat, but he did it with remarkable, unique leadership skills and style. His positions with Ford also include past CEO of Ford Lio Ho Motors in Taiwan and current executive director of Global Ownership Life Cycle Management. In today’s show, Host Tom Loarie talks with Jeff Nemeth about his career journey, his intrapreneurship style, the risks he has taken, and the innovative strategies he developed to transform Ford South Africa. It’s a first-hand, inside look at what matters most in creating a team and culture that achieves enduring success, sustainable economic performance, sound risk management and high integrity decisions. Find Show Notes here. Listen below or by ANY podcast device here. Don’t miss an episode and sign up for FREE podcasts of the radio show here.

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