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How to Structure The Perfect Pitch for Investors: Host Tom Loarie talks with Dave Mosby

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If you’ve ever wondered how entrepreneurs secure super-star investor funding, or how to secure any funding for your business or idea, today’s episode is for you. One thing everyone knows: It all begins with crafting a strong “pitch.” But you’ll learn more from the show. Host Tom Loarie digs deep with guest Dave Mosby, author of The Paradox of Excellence, a well-known, well-respected figure among Kieretsu and other Angel Investment groups, and the founder of E2i Academy, an entity dedicated to coaching and helping entrepreneurs perform at their highest level and, if desired, to secure investor funding through crafting and delivering winning pitches. It is truly fascinating, and you’ll learn a lot about pursuing your own business and dreams as well.  Find Show Notes hereListen below or Sign up for podcast – FREE!

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