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The Mentors’ “Why”

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Find out why three super-busy CEOs Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao and John Phillips chose to host The Mentors Radio Show. What is their “why” and how can you benefit, even from listening to them share among each other the challenges and opportunities, the priorities, focus and ethical leadership each of them has faced that ultimately leads to success in business and life, finding happiness and fulfillment, and making a genuine difference!

One thought on “The Mentors’ “Why”

  1. Hi Tom, I didn’t realize you had a radio show. I was driving home late from a business meeting in Santa Clara and tuned in 860. I thought,”that guy sounds familiar”! Sure enough, when I got home I went online and it was you! Great show, great premise. I enjoyed it very much!

    Carolyn Hastings

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