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John Sitomer on The Mentors Radio

John Sitomer and the South Florida’s Council of Dads he founded Mentor Kids and Lead by Example


You want inspiration? John Sitomer delivers in spades! As he puts it, “I spent one third of my life battling cancer. I’m thrilled it was me!” Today on THE MENTORS RADIO, Host Tom Loarie talks with John Sitomer, a fitness entrepreneur, a dad, and the founder of South Florida’s Council of Dads.

For John, battling cancer has made him a better person and led him to discover his calling in life, namely, to mentor boys and girls who need a positive parental influence. You see, during John’s second bout with cancer, he didn’t know if he was going to make it or not. A friend gave him a book that ultimately changed his life, but he couldn’t even open the book or turn a page until about 10 months after he received it! As you listen to the show, you’ll hear the whole story and it’s a WOW! that’ll certainly spark ideas and inspiration for YOU, wherever you are, in whatever business you’re in, in whatever situation you face.

John talks about “brotherhood” vs. “friendship,” about “Pay it Forward” vs. being a victim, and about the blessings of seeing inner-city kids being transformed into confident, positive, givers. He talks about the men who told told him they’d been waiting a lifetime for something like this (South Florida’s Council of Dads) where they can give! And… John talks about having NO fear!

The book John received, by the way, is The Council of Dads, written by another dad, Bruce Feiler, who had faced a similar situation as he also had battled cancer. You can find it listed in our Show Notes below.


John Sitomer:

3 thoughts on “John Sitomer and the South Florida’s Council of Dads he founded Mentor Kids and Lead by Example

  1. John is a great man .
    He has realized that a lit candle loses nothing by lighting another candle- it only makes things brighter.
    His friend,
    Dr Barry Shapiro

  2. John is a true inspiration. He is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. I’ve known him for less than a year and am proud to call him a good friend.

    Stephen Jochnau

  3. What can I say about a positve Man. Full of energy, loves to listen to people and always asking how he can help

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