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Three remarkable CEOs challenge your thinking about life and work

Face Challenges in Business Head-On, with Genuine Appreciation for the People on your Team and a Sense of Humor… See how Jeff Nemeth at Ford turned the worst plant into the best

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In this episode of THE MENTORS RADIO, Jeff Nemeth, former CEO of the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, talks with Host Tom Loarie about the innovative and very human way he led Ford Southern Africa from being the lowest performing operation to the Top. It is often said that if you don’t have challenges in your business, you’re doing something wrong! It’s par for the course.

Jeff shows us how to tackle problems head-on, with a genuine appreciation for the humanity of the people involved, knowing how to foster a strong sense of shared vision and teamwork, clear focus on the goals, and a sense of humor. In the episode, Jeff also shares his career journey, his unique, intrapreneurship style, the risks he has taken, and the innovative strategies he developed to transform Ford Southern Africa. Nemeth’s positions with Ford also include past CEO of Ford Lio Ho Motors in Taiwan and executive director of Global Ownership Life Cycle Management. There are lots of take-away gems in this episode!!

Find out how Jeff Nemeth led a team and culture from disjointed, flagging operations and sales to turn-around and achieve enduring success, sustainable economic performance, sound risk management and high integrity decisions. Find Show Notes here. Listen below (after airing on Saturday) and listen any time, on ANY podcast device here. Don’t miss an episode and sign up for FREE podcasts of the radio show here.

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