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Mary Jo Potter on The Mentors Radio

Keiretsu Leader Mary Jo Potter on the Pillars of Start-up Success

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In this episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with Guest Mentor Mary Jo Potter, a preeminent leader in strategic corporate guidance. Mary Jo is an entrepreneur, venture investor and a highly regarded board director with a successful career that spans several decades. Having sold a software-as-service company to McGraw Hill, she became active in Angel investing by joining Keiretsu Forum, where she has been a member for 20 years.

Mary Jo currently serves as the Founder, CEO and Managing Director of Healthcare Angels, an investment and advisory firm focused on promoting innovation in healthcare; a GP in Keiretsu Capital, where she has been on the investment committee for five years; and a member of Keiretsu Forum’s Investment Committee, which screens healthcare investment opportunities.

In addition she is an LP in Purple Arch Ventures (Northwestern University’s venture fund), an LP in Portfolia, and a member of Band of Angels and Skydeck. Mary Jo is on several boards, and she has helped six companies to IPO or acquisition.

She is a member of Women Corporate Directors and treasurer of the International Women’s Forum.

Mary Jo Potter was also a transformative Chairperson at Dignity Health and a board member for Catholic Healthcare Initiatives. The two entities later combined to become one of the largest Catholic healthcare systems in the world. The topics on today’s episode will span healthcare and the pillars of success for a start-up.

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