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Learn from Award-winning Changemaker Joseph “Doc” Marshall, PhD: How he succeeds in helping at-risk youth Stay Alive and Free

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You might think you can’t learn life-changing business success principles from a seasoned teacher who spent much of his life helping at-risk youth succeed in every way—from school to happiness to forging their own strong families to careers—but you’d be wrong! You can learn a TON from this award-winning changemaker, Dr. Joseph Marshall, and The Mentors Radio host Tom Loarie in today’s engaging and inspiring episode. “Doc” Marshall delivers down-to-earth, first-hand, real-world tips and advice for success in life and work.

MacArthur Genius Award-winner Joseph Marshall, Ph.D., is an author, lecturer, radio talk show host and most importantly, a former math teacher and administrator with the San Francisco Unified School District and a long-time community anti-violence activist.

As a public school teacher, he grew sick and tired of watching his most promising students fall prey to the lure of gangs, drugs, and crime, and end up either dead or in prison.  Finding that neither the justice nor school system seemed willing even to try to address the underlying problems–to give the kids the kind of information and assistance they really needed–he leapfrogged right over the system and co-founded the Omega Boys Club, based upon the belief that young people of the inner city want a way out of the life they’re in, but just don’t know how to get out.  Since the club’s inception in 1987, with a handful of kids in a community center basement, he and his small army of street soldiers have already helped 600 kids out of gang-banging and drug-dealing, and pushed, tutored, driven and even funded 140 inner-city kids into colleges around the country.

He’s the co-founder and executive director of Stay Alive and Free, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping at-risk youth alive and free, unharmed by violence and free from incarceration. Dr. Marshall has won MANY MANY awards for his successful leadership and results, and he continues to win awards. He also founded the Street Soldiers National Consortium, a group of activists dedicated to preventing violence nationwide, and co-founded the Omega Boys Club.

Dr. Marshall’s life-transforming, proven principles of success lie in treating violence as any doctor would treat a disease. And these principles transfer to anyone’s life and business, no matter what age, and no matter where you are in the growth and learning curve!



BOOK: Street Soldier: One Man’s struggle to save a generation, one life at a time, by Joseph Marshall



VIDEO on Dr. Marshall:

AWARDS (partial list):

  • MacArthur Genius Award
  • 2012 “Best Community-oriented Radio Program Award” from SF Weekly for Street Soldiers
  • 2004 Ashoka Fellow
  • 2001 “Use Your Life Award” from Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network
  • 1996 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Award from the National Educational Association
  • Essence Award honoring outstanding contributions by African American men
  • Leadership Award from the Children’s Defense Fund
  • 1994 MacArthur Fellows Program

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