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305. London-based Justin Stebbing, M.D. and his Journey of Discovery Finding Improved Therapies for Cancer and Covid

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In this episode, host Tom Loarie talks with London-based, world-renown scientist, cancer researcher, medical journal editor and author, Justin Stebbing, M.D. They discuss the excitement and rewards of a STEM career, the life of a scientist, Dr. Stebbing’s journey to becoming a world renown clinician and scientist and the wonders of discovering improved therapies for cancer and for treating covid.

Professor Justin Stebbing, M.D., is also a professor of biomedical sciences at ARU, Cambridg and a visiting professor at Imperial College where he has an active and widely known translational laboratory. He is the author of more than 700 peer-reviewed papers published in The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine and elsewhere. He is the co-chief editor of Oncogene and author of the book, Witness to Covid.

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