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From Engineering to Tacos to Politics: Ric Brutocao Interviews OC Supervisor Bill Campbell – #TM028

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Today The Mentors Radio host Ric Brutocao talks with Supervisor Bill Campbell, one of five elected supervisors for the County of Orange, CA. Campbell has served in this role since 2003, and prior to this he served from 1996 to 2002 in the State of California legislature as an Assemblyman for northern Orange County. But he didn’t start in politics! No Way! Campbell segued from engineering, to tacos—yes, tacos—and only then to politics. After graduating from Loyola Marymount with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Campbell continued his education at Harvard Business School in Boston, where he received an MBA. He returned to southern California to work at Rockwell International in engineering where he stayed for about 10 years. Eventually Campbell launched the BIMA Corporation and serves as its president, and over the years has successfully managed 19 Taco Bell restaurants, seven dry cleaners, five Great Earth Vitamin Stores and a food distribution company. Needless to say, Campbell entered the elected office political field with a solid and well-rounded grounding in business, family, and professional work. He also brought with him a strong faith anchor, having attentively imbued his children with the same ethical and faith-driven principles and practical common sense as he and his wife embraced all their lives.  He consciously cultivated the habit of putting people first throughout his professional and personal life, in business decisions, and in choosing to mentor others to succeed as well. Enjoy the interview, send us any questions… Here’s to your success!!

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