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Tim Brown NFL Hall of Fame, Receiver, Heisman Trophy winner

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343. Values, Priorities and the Impact of a Good Mentor, a conversation with Tim Brown, the only Receiver in history to win Heisman Trophy and be inducted into Hall of Fame

In this episode of The Mentors Radio, Host Dan Hesse talks with Tim Brown, one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. He is the only receiver in history to win the Heisman Trophy AND be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Tim grew up in Dallas and received a scholarship to play football at Notre Dame.  After winning the Heisman, he was the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft, taken by the LA Raiders, where “Mr Raider” as he was called, played almost his entire 17-year NFL career. He made the Pro Bowl nine times. When he retired Tim trailed only Jerry Rice in career receiving yards. In the long history of America’s most popular sport, only 10 players have won the Heisman and later been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Eight are still living. He is the author of The Making of a Man. Off the field, Tim has been involved in various charities, including his work with the Tim Brown Foundation. Tune-in to learn as Tim describes his life’s journey, the impact his parents had on his values and priorities, and how one mentor changed the course of his life.  

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