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George Randle and Mike Sarraille on The Mentors Radio show with Tom Loarie

Veterans in the Workplace: The Talent War, with guests George Randle and Mike Sarraille, both seasoned vets

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This Memorial Day weekend on The Mentors Radio, Host Tom Loarie honors Vets in an in-depth interview with two remarkable veterans, George Randle and Mike Sarraille, on their outstanding success helping veterans transition into civilian jobs that are well-suited to their military and leadership training, adaptability and individual strengths and passions. Mike Sarraille is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, founder and board director for VETTED Foundation and the co-founder, managing partner and CEO of EF Overwatch. George Randle is retired U.S. Army, whose assignments included Berlin Brigade, US CENTCOM, III Corps, deployments to Africa, Central America and Guantanamo Bay, and key leadership assignments as Platoon Leader (twice), Exec Officer for the largest company in Berlin and Company Commander at Ft. Hood, TX. He has 20+ years of Fortune 100 and 1000 human resources and talent acquisition executive experience AND he created one of the largest, most successful Veteran Hiring Programs for a Global Fortune 50 firm…Mike and George continue to help transition vets into civilian jobs successfully

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