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You are more powerful than you think! -#TM009

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From top: Nola Masterson, Laura Raynak, Heather Lerner at the studio

Shake up your thinking as three influential women CEOs and entrepreneurs—Laura Raynak of Executive Talent Scout, Heather Lerner, executive director of Happy Hollow Foundation, and Nola Masterson, a seasoned CEO, global executive and board leader serving on a number of public, venture-back private and nonprofit boards (read more about these three guests here)—engage in a lively, inspiring and informative discussion with “The Mentors” radio show host Tom Loarie regarding the topic “You Are More Powerful Than You Think!” This show is fast-paced, insightful and fun… and you don’t want to miss a minute of it! To reach the mentors or ask a question, go to



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